Colombian Singer-Songwriter Gusi Presents New Studio Album, ‘Monte Adentro’

Gusi, the renowned Colombian singer-songwriter and ambassador of tropical and local music, presents his new album titled “Monte Adentro” (Inside the Mountain.) This album, consisting of seven songs, is an emotional tribute to origins, customs, traditions, and love for one’s roots, blending the sounds of the Caribbean with pop.

“Monte Adentro is that place we always want to return to. The songs remind us of where we come from. It is the love for our parents, family, and friends. With this album, I return to the origins of organic music, to the beginnings of my career, but with more experience and sensitivity. I wanted to write songs that make people dance, fall in love, and find a fun way out of heartbreak. All of these are dressed in our rhythms: a Colombian and Latin American heritage, mixed with pop. Monte Adentro is joy, memories, and nostalgia…” – Gusi

“Monte Adentro” is a co-production between Gusi and iconic producer Emilio Estefan Jr. Together, they worked at Crescent Moon Studios in Miami to create an album that makes listeners want to dance, aiming to exalt the diversity of Latin American rhythms fused with the distinctive sound that Gusi has consolidated in his artistic proposal. “Emilio is a producer I always wanted to work with. I always liked looking at album credits, and his name is on my list of favorites. So I can say I have fulfilled a dream. Today, after meeting him, I can assure you he is a wonderful, generous, and very joyful person. We have made a special connection, and that is reflected in the songs of this album. I hope to continue counting on his wisdom and support from here on,” commented Gusi.

This album promises to be a musical journey that transports us to our roots, evoking feelings of joy and nostalgia while celebrating the richness of Colombian and Latin American culture through a vibrant and modern fusion. Each song is a musical canvas that portrays the traditions, landscapes, and stories that have shaped the cultural identity of the region. With “Monte Adentro,” Gusi once again demonstrates his ability to blend the modern with the ancestral, providing an opportunity to rediscover and celebrate the deepest roots of Latin American musical heritage.


Also released alongside the album is the focus track that gives its name to the production, “Monte Adentro”. This single, both in its lyrics and its musicality, encapsulates the essence of the entire album. It’s a song in which Gusiexpresses his love for his country, his region, and that corner he always wants to return to. Additionally, he has experimented with new instruments that he had not used before, such as the violin and trombones, bringing a new sound to his style.

The video for “Monte Adentro”, made by the production company Turbo and directed by Sergio de Ávila andJerome Lehoucq, was filmed in the municipality of Guasca, Cundinamarca. This video transports the viewer to the Colombian countryside, evoking that homey feeling of wanting to return to the land and be a part of it. In a romantic but modern way, the different scenes represent rural life, its mysticism and the warmth of its people, while Gusi is seen performing the song with deep emotion.

Following his nomination for the Latin GRAMMY® 2023 as “Best Contemporary Tropical Album” for his previous production “24/7”, his remarkable participation in the 2024 Nuestra Tierra Awards as a category presenter, and his nominations as “Best Tropical, Salsa, Cumbia Artist” and “Best Tropical, Salsa, Cumbia Song” for his smash hit “Me Voy Contigo” (I’m Going With You), Gusi continues to work tirelessly on solidifying his artistic vision and the unique sound that he aspires to be recognized for across Latin America and the globe.​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​