Los Arbolitos De Cajeme Llegan a Deleitar a Phoenix

By Jorge Mejia @AV Negra

Un lugar excelente para fanáticos de los mariscos a llegado a Phoenix, directo de Sonora. With 19 locations in Mexico, Los Arbolitos De Cajeme is soon to blow up in Phoenix as well.

Mariscos Los Arbolitos De Cajeme are fresh and full of sabor. The staff has the highest customer -training in service, very welcoming and friendly.

By Jorge Mejia @AVNegra

They offer tostadas de ceviche to ahúchales estilo Sonora, different types of seafood molcajetes, “El público nos pidió la torre de mariscos y nosotros los complacimos” says general manager Tadeo. He personally greets guest as well as his staff. “We take pride in our food and our service, we are a family and want everyone to feel as family when they eat with us” he added.

By Jorge Mejia @AVNegra

Los Arbolitos De Cajeme is located in the north west side of Phoenix with an ample bar and patio. Serving your favorite seafood dishes and drinks. Experience a fun time while enjoying mariscos with your family and friends.

This place will become your seafood spot without a doubt. “En el mar la vida es más sabrosa” y si, “En Los Arbolitos De Cajeme la comida es más sabrosa”

Sabor, sazón y corazón encontrarás en Los Arbolitos De Cajeme. Visítalos y diles que AVNegra de Viva Phoenix los envío.

By Jorge Mejia @AVNegra

Los Arbolitos De Cajeme

3508 W Peoria Ave, Phoenix, AZ 85029

Open Monday-Sunday 11:00AM a 10:00 PM

Tel: (602) 314-6043

Facebook: Los Arbolitos De Cajeme

IG: Los_Arbolitos_De_Cajeme


By Jorge Mejia @AVNegra
By Jorge Mejia @AVNegra