It is Spring Time Which Means Spring Cleaning

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Studies show that having a clean living space lowers stress and anxiety. There is no better time to do a deep spring cleaning than during this uncertain pandemic.

Starting in the kitchen is a good idea. Scrub out your oven so that when you utilize it there’s not that burning smell anymore. Does your dishwasher have a stench too? Run it with no dishes in it to sanitize the dishwasher.

Clean those baseboards that we all forget are there. The air vents located throughout the house could use a good dusting too and of-course the air filter. If you have any scuff marks on the wall use a sponge to clean it off or even repaint some spots that need touching up.

With all that is happening in the world lately it’s hard to feel in control of things. Clean your living environment to regain some reigns on your living space and change the vibe for yourself. It will be refreshing to be able to relax in your own home and not worry about lingering germs instead you will enjoy the cleanliness of your home.