Carmine Sabatella Returns to Screens with “Inside Out”

Stealing the hearts of millions of viewers as HGTV’s hottest new Italian interior designer and cohost of “Inside Out,” well established and renowned renovator and real estate expert Carmine Sabatella returns to screens with his hit series, Monday, August 1st. His illustrious career as an entrepreneur, renovator and realtor has allowed him to take on amazing projects and share those tips and experiences with audiences so they can achieve that million-dollar aesthetic.

Carmine Sabatella

Carmine stars alongside landscape designer Mike PyleIn the HGTV hit series.

They begrudgingly agree on one thing: a beautifully updated home requires great design indoors and out. The series follows Carmine and Mike, as they each pitch their design plans to clients. The budget is set, so the guys must be persuasive to score a bigger chunk of the dollars to either max out the interiors or make the most of the outdoor spruce up.

Growing up in a traditional Italian family household who was known for their work in the world of restaurants, Carmine took to the family business at a young age and opened his first restaurant with his father right after graduating from university. Following the success of his first restaurant, Carmine then built and designed from the ground up his own cocktail bar and lounge in Pasadena.

After outgrowing his love for restaurants, Carmine dedicated his time to another passion of his, interior design and renovations.

After friends and colleagues saw his work with his own bar, and his family’s restaurant, Carmine began getting hired as an interior designer and renovator through contacts he had made over his previous career. This would eventually lead to Carmine opening his own company, CS Domains, as well as The Sabatella Group which handles the real estate side of the business.

When Carmine isn’t busy in front of the camera, or running his businesses, he can be found spending time with his husband and daughter in their South Pasadena home.

A traditional family man at heart, Carmine loves traveling the world and showing his daughter as much as he can. Carmine is also a very active a fit man believing that a healthy body and mind are key to maintaining a balanced life. Carmine and his household are also huge animal advocates having worked with the Humane Society in the past and donating his time and money to the Trevor Project.