Take in the Beautiful Arizona Weather while Enjoying great Outdoor time.

By Brittany Bernal

Find your way to Camelback Mountain for a fulfilling hike that will leave you feeling refreshed and renewed. Camelback mountain offers spectacular views, fresh air, and beautiful scenery. Located right of 64th St. and Camelback these hiking trails are right in your backyard.

• Camelback Mountain Trailheads address:

Cholla Trailhead

6131 E. Cholla Ln.

Echo Canyon Trailhead

4925 E. McDonald Dr.

• More information on Camelback Mountain and it’s Trailheads can be found on their website:


Camelback Mountain has two trails that you can hike. There is Cholla Trailhead and Echo Canyon Trailhead. Both trials are considered more on the difficult side of hiking, but with a lot of water and a good pace that matches you these trails can be hiked! It is such an amazing feeling to finish one of those trails and take in the views of the City of Phoenix on the top of the mountain. A feeling of accomplishment will flood your body. Witness the beautiful desert plants that are living on Camelback Mountain. You might get lucky enough to catch a glimpse of a Gila Monster scurrying across the trail trying to find a shady place to relax.

Embrace the phenomenal City of Phoenix and find bliss in the little things while embarking on one of these trails that are located on Camelback Mountain. After you have concluded your full fulling hike you will leave feeling rejuvenated and energized, ready to handle anything that comes your way. Get outside today and hike one of the beautiful trails located on Camelback. Mountain