Online Dating Apps Increase Their Popularity

Father’s Day: Online Dates with Single Dads

The coronavirus and social distancing have caused a noticeable increase in singles who have turned to dating apps to make connections. Many have downloaded Chispa, the dating app made for single Latino millennials in the United States that helps them connect with people who share culture and similar values; Chispa can even serve as a tool for those Latinas who want to create a family with single dads.

While social distancing is crucial, it doesn’t mean that Latino singles need to quarantine their love lives too. Time to start scheduling those virtual dates!

Chispa has seen a 33% increase in messaging through the app and a 25% increase in matches made.

When asked whether they would still be interested in going on dates despite COVID-19, 93% of Chispa users said they are still interested in making matches and going on virtual dates.

This Sunday is Father’s Day, and although we continue in times of social distancing, we cannot forget to celebrate single dads. A recent survey shows that single Latinas are very much attracted to single dads – check out the stats below!75% of Chispa users say they are open to matching with a single Latino dad.

Latinas on Chispa cited the top two qualities that would make single dads great partners are that they are family-oriented and responsible.

Over 89% of users agree their families would be accepting or somewhat accepting of them dating a single dad. So if you’re worried about what your parents or the chismosatias in your life would think about bringing a single dad into your life, don’t be!

So, if you are looking to find The One, single dads are more likely to look for a more committed relationship, and already have experience being a dad if you want to grow your family!

This Father’s Day, don’t hold back on sliding right on the single dads, and make sure to wish them well on their special day! Get started on Chispa, available in English and Spanish on the Apple Store and Google Play.