Larrymanía Celeb-Reality Show will air in its Eighth Season on Universo, a Trip to Mexico and their Honey-Moon exposed is a Must Watch

Francisco Romero . – UNIVERSO, announced the premiere of the new season of its successful celeb-reality series LARRYMANÍA, starring Mexican regional music singer Larry Hernández and his wife Kenia Ontiveros, the reality show will air its first of 15 episodes on Sunday, September 15 at 9 pm/8C. 

Larry and Kenia spoke to as they finished recording the series, “Our reality show is one-hundred percent natural, there are no scripts,” said Larry.  “One of the elements and adventures in this new season, is that I get to go back to the state of Sinaloa in Mexico where I grew up,” he added. 

Something that will no-doubt stand out this upcoming series is the fact that they documented their well-awaited honey-moon, “Our honey-moon was a wonderful and beautiful experience for Kenia and I, as we went alone as a couple and it is all there, all of it is documented in the series,” stated Larry.  “And if you are wondering, no, the intimate part of our honey-moon is not shown,” said a giggling Larry Hernandez. 

The new season will give viewers access to Larry’s life as he prepares for his return to the music world after the bicycle accident. You can also witness the evolution of Kenya, which has become an empowered business woman in her company Kenya Beauty.

“Being a businesswoman has its challenges,” said Kenia.  “Time management is the most important element in my new role, time is never enough, as I have to juggle being a mother and taking the girls to school and all of their activities and making sure I put enough time in the business, it’s a juggling act, but patience has been my biggest allied,” she added. 

Going back to Larry visiting the state of Sinaloa, it will be one of the most fascinating elements of the series, one that Larry stated has been asked for by many followers, “Many of the Larrimanía fans tell me through social media and otherwise, that they like it very much when I visit Mexico and include it in the show,” said Larry.  

“Wether you are from Sinaloa or not, viewers will transport themselves back to Mexico, and I am happy to be able to provide that to our viewers, it takes them back to their roots.  We had a great time in Sinaloa, at the ranch, visiting with my abuelito, something we had not included in the last few seasons,” added the singer.  

In regard to going into its eighth season, Larry stated the following, “I feel very blessed to be able to have an eighth season of the reality show, specially because we are in a cable channel and we have to compete against shows that are shown on over the air channels.  That tells me that we are doing something right and I want to thank all those who support us by adding our channel to their cable line-ups, I hope we can continue entertaining you and believe me, we are doing our best to do so.” 

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