Pupuseria Doña Rosa – Authentic From El Salvador

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Dos revueltas de chicharron y queso, salsa y curtido. Asi me gusta comer, it’s the Salvadorian in me. Pupuseria Doña Rosa is so good, they have the perfect Salvi chicharon flavor I am used to. The flavor of these pupusas take me back and remind me of my abuelita and how she used to make pupusas. Pupuseria Doña Rosa is a popup food vendor in Phoenix. I’ve been following Pupuseria Doña Rosa for a couple of months now. I support them whenever they’re at a popup event around Phoenix and meet up with them to get my grub on. They have also added plant-based options to their menu.

I’m a tragon for life and can always eat pupasas. If you never had a pupusa, its basically a thicker tortilla stuffed with beans, cheese or Salvadorian chicarron. Then there’s always other filling options.

I love trying new places to eat. I found Pupuseria Doña Rosa on instagram. Their logo is very modern I was immediately drawn-in with curiosity and hambre. I tried to make it to one of their events and I never made it on time, until a recent weekend I was finally able to try their food at Mujeres Mercado popup event in Phoenix.

Pupuseria Doña Rosa was established in 1999 after years of giving back their church by helping run fundraisers to help the community. Marta, Dona Rosa’s daughter, runs promotions, marketing and the business, says “We want to expose the community with our culture and help strengthen the local economy” they currently employ two part time employees. She says it was important for them to hire someone who shares their same vision, making good food while providing great service. Their dream is to open a restaurant in the future. “We want to empower other latinos to follow their dreams” she added. I love their vision and I especially love Pupuseria Doña Rosa because they care about building a strong latino community in Phoenix. You can find them on First Friday Art walk on roosevelt row.

Follow @pupusas.doña.rosa and instagram and facebook to get more info about their next pop up event. They will also be part of Arizona Pupusas Festival, Nov. 9, 2019, event also sponsored by vivaphoenix.com Check out the link for more info. These pupusas are a must try authentic Salvadorian pupusas, you won’t be disappointed.

Give them a call! 1 (602) 391-4084 Catering