Sabor a Mi, Seasonings and Salsas

“En la boca llevarás, sabor a mi”

By Jorge Mejia @AVNegra

A salsa tasting visit, ended up being a full meal with Birria, a Latinx foodie dream.

By Jorge Mejia @AVNegra

Sabor a Mi Seasonings and Salsas have great flavor and great tasting salsas, seasonings and Birria Tacos! The menudo blanco is delicious as well. Don’t worry you can easily turn the menudo blanco red with their “El Abusador” red salsa.

Sabor a mi also offers birria tacos with cheese and consomé on the side.

Sabor a Mi owners Desma and Stephen are great and passionate about feeding their customers.

Always with a positive vibe and a smile.

“I play music because I want my customers to feel like they are coming over to eat at their prima, tía o a tío’s house. A back backyard barbecue, feel familia” Desma says.

If you have not tried birria tacos yet, you must!

Sabor a Mi, is a Mexican food popup, which currently has an ongoing residency at Tr3s Leches Café Shop in Phoenix, for their “Cruda Sunday’s”. Sabor a Mi, is the perfect foodie spot on Sunday mornings after a night out in the town.

You can find them at different popup events around Phoenix.

They can also cater any event.

Visit them and tell them Jorge @AVNegra from Viva Phoenix sent you. #feliztacotuesday

You can find Sabor a Mi at 

Tr3s Leches Café Shop

 1714 W Van Buren St, 

Phoenix, AZ 85007

Sundays 830 am-1 pm 


Facebook: Sabor a Mi