Bacanora Takes Over Grand Ave – Meet Chef Rene Andrade

Born from a partnership between former Ghost Ranch Chef Rene Andrade and Tacos Chiwas owners Nadia Holguin and Armando Hernandez, Bacanora represents an upscale take on Sonoran style food in Phoenix, and its the next restaurant you need to try on Grand Avenue.

Bacanora, named after the agave liquor native to the northern Mexican state of Sonora, will take over the former space that housed Silvana Salcido Esparza’s Barrio Café Gran Reserva and before that the historic Bragg’s Pie Factory. The menu will reflect the Nogales-born chef’s upbringing by focusing on simple but delicious dishes.

Image Credit – @BacanoraPHX

When you visit Bacanora, you will notice that everything is cooked over an open flame. Chef Andrade wanted to bring the authenticity of Sonoran cooking and preserve what makes it great. The salsas and tortillas are all homemade and with a menu of fewer than 10 items, you can count on everything being made with the utmost delicacy and flavor.

Bacanora offers a menu that features appetizers such as the Aguachile and an assortment of homemade salsas and guacamole made with nopales, queso fresco, and topped with extra virgin olive oil. The entrees and specials rotate but you can always count on carne asada burritos and “Caramelos” (a crispy tortilla topped with meat and cheese) to be part of the menu when visiting.

The highlight of the menu is the mesmerizing open flame-roasted chicken and potatoes. While sounding simple the half chicken is anything but as it is roasted near the bar area, literally next to sitting customers, and it is accompanied with a small plate of frijoles charros, and tortillas. The locally raised chicken comes out tender, flavorful, and with a roasted exterior that creates an extra layer to an already delicious plate. Not to be forgotten, the potatoes have a rustic crunchy exterior but remain soft and pliable when bit into. Be prepared to have some extra napkins on hand as customers will definitely need to get their hands dirty when enjoying this exquisite dish.

Image Credit – @WhenInPhoenix

For more information visit Bacanora’s Instagram page at @BacanoraPHX
Bacanora is located on 1301 Grand Ave Unit 1, Phoenix, AZ 85006
Hours are Wednesday- Saturday 5 PM to 10 PM