Love Açai, the Love Language of Food, Healthy Food

by Jorge Mejia @AVNegra

Are you looking for the perfect date spot or just to meet up with friends while eating tasty, colorful and healthy food?

Photo Credit: Jorge Mejia @AVNegra

Well, look no more, let me introduce you to Love Açaí Bowls: A food truck, now a store too, serving Arizona with the best Açaí Bowls in town!

Love Açaí Bowls offers very unique Açaí Bowls with the exotic taste of South America.

Photo Credit: Jorge Mejia @AVNegra

Açaí is a berry from the Amazon considered a Superfood for its nutrients.  Açaí Bowls are rich in antioxidants, omegas and fiber. The Açaí berry is one of the most trendy fruits among millenniums and people that are into Healthy and organic eating, such as yogis, college students and young mothers. Their theme is  LOVE, Love yourself, Love your body, Love Açaí Bowls!

Beautifully crafted — blended Açaí bowls and Pitaya bowls with a fun unique chill colorful experience is exactly what you will find at Love Açaí Bowls. By the way, Açaí, se pronuncia (ah-sah-EE). 

Photo Credit: Jorge Mejia @AVNegra

Now, your body will thank you as the bowls are filled with fruits, oatmeal and/or peanut butter, superfoods/antioxidants, which are great for your healthy habits, the bowls have the perfect combination of a delicious colorful healthy treats.

Locally owned and operated by Venezuelan born, Maybe Alfonso #ALatinaBoss, Love Açaí Bowls was founded in 2017 and has gained a large following at the Uptown Farmers Market.

Local muralist Lalo Cota is the sole responsible for giving a unique and colorful touch to the food truck that houses Love Açaí Bowls. C

Mural Artist Lalo Cota

Love Açaí Bowls has become one of the favorite places for foodie influencers.  As you visit, it is bound to give you an Instant Love connection with the açaí bowls and the tropical backyard relaxation vibes that the spot will give you. You can sit back chill and enjoy a healthy sweet dessert. 

Did I mention the staff? Oh, they are very courteous and will take care of you. 

Photo Credit: Jorge Mejia @AVNegra

Here are some of the menu items: Organic Açaí, gluten free vegan bowls, all of them sweet healthy and filling, just the perfect combination.

Here is one of my favorite blends: Organic Açaí and berries with almond granola, bananas, and strawberries with an edible orchid. 

Photo Credit: Jorge Mejia @AVNegra

They also offer poke bowls for lunch and a happy hour where you can get $2 OFF your favorite bowl. You can also purchase gift cards online. 

Photo Credit: Jorge Mejia @AVNegra

Please tell them Jorge @AVNegra with Viva Phoenix/@phxknows sent you, you will not regret the visit. 

Love Açaí Bowls 

4700 12th Street , Phoenix, AZ 

Hours Monday-Friday 10am — 6pm 

Sunday 10am – 4pm

(305) 308-7266

Follow IG: @loveacaibowls