Mexican Actress Paulina Goto Talked to About her New Movie: Veinteañera, Divorciada y Fantastica

By Francisco Romero. –  Despite the Covid-19 pandemic that turned the world around, the release of the movie Veinteañera, Divorciada y Fantastica (Twentysomething, Divorced and Fantastic), starring young actress Paulina Goto, turned to be a success in Mexican movie theatres, before they were temporarily shut down. 

In the United States the streaming platform PANTAYA will release the movie on June 26th.

Goto stars as Regina, A beautiful recently married twenty-year-old woman who suffers the worst of the ills when Juanpa, her equally young husband, asks for a divorce. There, Regina has to rethink her life facing the challenges of renting an apartment, looking for a job and basically becoming an adult for the first time.

In a recent exclusive interview with Goto vividly talked about the excitement around the movie, “It is a movie that will touch all of us,” said Goto.  “It’s about a new beginning; the topic of divorce it’s scary in and of itself, it is about the opportunities in life that come with it and this movie shows it in a very realistic way,” she added.

For the young actress, the success that the movie had in Mexico and what is expected through the streaming service PANTAYA is very important as this is her first gig in the film industry, “I loved filming the movie; I started my career in television and music, I have also worked in theatre, I love expanding my horizons and doing new things, I really loved it,” said Goto. 

Starring the movie is not the only participation the young and beautiful Paulina Goto has in the production, as she also performs the musical theme for the movie.

“The theme for the movie is my most recent release,” said Goto.  “The song is called El Golpe Avisa and I recommend you watch the video as it contains clips of the movie, it is very catchy” she added. 

As the release of Veinteañera, Divorciada y Fantastica(Twentysomething, Divorced and Fantastic) is around the corner, Goto is also looking into the future.

“I would love to cross-over (Spanish to English) at some point, whether in movies or music, as a matter-of-fact, the first songs I wrote were written in English,” stated the young actress.  “Having grown up in Monterrey, so close to the border, English was a natural for us to learn,” she added. 

In the meantime, sit back, relax and enjoy her new feature film,Veinteañera, Divorciada y Fantastica (Twentysomething, Divorced and Fantastic) on PANTAYA.