Taco Boys Brings Authentic Mexican Food to Roosevelt Row

By Ramon Chavez

If you’re looking for a simple, delicious, and straight-to-the-point burrito in downtown Phoenix you need to try Taco Boys. The former home of Habaneros is now a bustling hub for late-night party-goers, families, and everyone in between. The restaurant is owned by Juan Francisco Cornejo Jr and his father who decided to start the restaurant after noticing a gap in great authentic Mexican food in downtown phoenix.

When you arrive at Taco Boys, you’ll first catch a whiff of their mesquite charcoal waving you in. The sound of corridos will usually play over the sound system as you wait to be called to place your order. The menu features meats such as carne asada, grilled chicken, Al Pastor among others that can be served as tacos, vampiros, burros, or quesadillas. There is also a bulk option where customers can order a pound of any meat, tortillas, and beans.

Taco Boys’ concept is simple, go up to the person taking orders and let them know what type of meat and tortilla you’d like. Wait for your name to get called, and then head to the salsa bar to dress up your item with whatever salsa and condiments you like. 

My favorite item on the menu has been the carne asada burrito. The carne asada is butchered fresh every morning and cooked over a roaring fire that gives the meat a distinct char and flavor. The burrito is accompanied with frijoles charros made with chorizo (that might even outshine the carne asada) and melted cheese. Add some salsa and veggies with each bite and you have a perfect combination.

Along with burritos, Taco Boys offers Vampiros, named that way after the crackling sound the tortilla makes after you bite it, and quesadillas, which are filled with gooey cheese and made with flour tortillas that are a staple of Sonoran cuisine. 

If you ever find yourself on your way to a ballgame or for a night drinking in downtown Phoenix, make sure to stop at Taco Boys.

Taco Boy’s

620 E. Roosevelt St., Phoenix.


10am-10 p.m. Sundays – Thursday 

10am.-1 a.m. Fridays and Saturday

602-675-3962, aztacoboys.com.