Ya Probaste Birrieria Tijuana?

By Jorge Mejia

Birria is the word!

Birrieria Tijuana, has one of the best and is one of the first to bring birria tacos to Phoenix. Birria made tacos better in 2019, popularized in LA, roots from Jalisco.

By Jorge Mejia @AVNegra

The juice left from cooking ferments and creates the consomé as the topping, in this case the dipping that makes the meal. Birria de Chivo tastes great, a personal favorite is Birria de Res, one of the first and best in Phoenix is Birrieria Tijuana.

By Jorge Mejia @AVNegra

If you have not tried Birria tacos you must try soon! Taqueros take such pride in making these juicy full of sabor tacos. They are soft and the perfect sazón.

Serving birria tacos, queso tacos, muletas, tortas, vampiros and of course a bowl of Birria con tortillas.

By Jorge Mejia @AVNegra

Go visit my buddy Daniel and his family. Tell them Jorge @AVNegra and Viva Phoenix sent you. 

Birrieria Tijuana is located at 

1926 W Deer Valley Dr, Phoenix, AZ 85027

Open Wednesday-Sunday 7pm-3pm


By Jorge Mejia @AVNegra