Cobre Kitchen + Cocktails

Showcases Southwestern Flavors

There is a fabulous gem-of-a-restaurant inside the boutique hotel Canopy by Hilton Scottsdale Old Town. Cobre Kitchen + Cocktails is just slightly off the beaten path of Old Town Scottsdale.

It recently reopened after having been shut down for a time during the pandemic and it has reopened with a vibrant new menu that shows off the healthier side of Southwest-inspired entrees.

Cobre focuses on engaging shared plates, tempting sides, flatbreads, and focused entrees with delicious punctuations of Southwestern influence.

Cobre Kitchen

The Mexican chilled shrimp is gluten-free and boasts tangy tomato lime marinated shrimp, Aleppo chiles, cucumber, and purple onion atop a bed of house-made guacamole and served with crispy tortilla strips. This outstanding appetizer walks the deliciously fine line between ceviche and salad.

Another starter that is perfect for two people to share is the tepary bean hummus featuring a cornucopia of fresh locally sourced vegetables. The slightly different flavor of hummus made from tepary beans is a delicious touch that incorporates the mild flavor of the Southwestern bean.

The roasted wild mushrooms flatbread is packed full of a variety of wild mushrooms that give it an exceptional flavor. The flatbread is further highlighted with parmesan crema, arugula and finished with a tangy balsamic drizzle.

The striped seabass is a gluten-free entrée that tastes incredible as-is, with no discernable seasoning or sauce. This preparation style ultimately allows the natural flavor of the fish to shine. It is served atop a smear of avocado puree which leads to the overall mild flavor profile. Additionally, the entrée is accompanied by a generous portion of garden field greens with grilled radicchio.


Cobre Kitchen

Chicken achiote ($26) is new to the menu and a has tasty incorporation of mild flavors. The crispy skin half chicken is served with calabacitas and a celery root puree all set on atop mild tepary bean hummus. The entrée is a symphony of mild flavors that imparts pleasant and low-profile incorporation of Southwestern influence.

Cobre Kitchen

The berry crumble is a satisfying finish to a lighter style meal and is served in a warm mini skillet. The dessert is perfect for two people to share and includes a variety of seasonal berries baked into a house-made oat crumble. The churro bites are the most popular dessert item and feature a Mexican chocolate ganache and dulce de leche.

What would Cobre Kitchen + Cocktails be without some incredible craft cocktails? One of the Southwest-inspired cocktails is the spicy roadrunner with Plantation pineapple rum, Campari, pineapple, squeezed lime, and muddled jalapeño. The feisty ghost incorporates Ghost habanero tequila, Cointreau, squeezed pineapple, and lime.

Cobre Kitchen

If a dessert cocktail is more your style, then you will want to try the chili Cobre ($12) that is a fiesta of Southwestern flavors that incorporates Chila ‘Orchata cinnamon cream rum, Bacardi coconut rum, vanilla, and cinnamon.

Even some of the standout breakfast items get the Southwestern treatment at Cobre. The chicken chilaquiles is a departure from the usual with a chile braised chicken, charred tomato salsa Hass avocado, corn tortillas, over easy eggs highlighted with lime crema and pickled Fresno chiles.

The Southwest frittata is another exceptional breakfast choice featuring roasted corn, rajas, caramelized onion, herb roasted baby heirloom tomatoes, and cheddar cheese. Additional breakfast items include the breakfast burrito, avocado toast, house-made granola, the breakfast burger, and more.

Whether you dine inside Cobre or enjoy the cooler temps outside on the patio, you will love the quiet and cool vibe of the property and the thoughtful ingenuity behind its design and décor.

Cobre’s interior design by studio 11 Design incorporates a cool, open, and mid-century modern vibe with an impactful use of Southwestern imagery. Also, not to be missed is Canopy’s signature Outrider Rooftop Lounge on the seventh floor of the hotel. The lounge offers panoramic views of Old Town Scottsdale, the surrounding mountains, and the rest of the Valley, plus signature cocktails and some menu items from Cobre.

Cobre Kitchen + Cocktails is located in Canopy by Hilton Scottsdale Old Town at 7142 E. 1st Street, Scottsdale. For more information or reservations, visit