Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson and Teremana Tequila Introduce The Great American Mana Mobile Road Trip

By Lynette Carrington

In an exciting movie not connected to his movie career, Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson founded Teremana Tequila in March 2020. The ultra-premium small-batch tequila company features blancoand reposado expressions, both crafted in the Jalisco highlands. Now, the Hollywood A-Lister has revealed the Mana Mobile and announced the launch of the Great American Mana Mobile Road Trip. The exciting road trip will bring Teremana Tequila to the people of the United States and is inspired by Johnson’s famous phrase, “Mana. Gratitude. Tequila.”

“I created Teremana to bring people together and I can’t think of a better way to bring people together than bringing the Mana Mobile directly to them. Our Mana Mobile will deliver delicious Teremana cocktails, fresh and amazing eats and a whole lotta gratitude to people, towns and cities across North America,”says Teremana Founder, Dwayne Johnson.  

The Mana Mobile will visit military bases, hospitals, fire stations and other local events, incorporating intriguing Teremana Tequila cocktails, where possible, delivered in fine style by Mana Ohana mixologists. Delicious noshes inspired by The Rock’s favorite “cheat” meals will also be served up at each stop. 

This past week, the Mana Mobile made its way through Flagstaff, serving up tacos at Single Track Bikes on Riordan Road. Another endeavor of the Mana Mobile is to get people to get out and support their local businesses, like Single Track Bikes. 

Teremana Tequila may be a global brand now, but its roots are still local to Jalisco. The name of Teremana Tequila has meaning. “Tere” is a derivative of the Latin word “terra,” meaning earth and “mana” is the Polynesian word for spirit. When put together, Teremana means “Spirit of the Earth.”

When forming Teremana Tequila, Johnson worked with a Mexican family-owned distillery and built a home on its grounds specifically for the tequila brand entitled DestileriaTeremana de Agave. The tequila is crafted at that location in small batches, by hand. 

Taking it a green step further, Teremana has a focus on sustainability and reducing its impact on the land it occupies. Teremana takes 100% of the agave fibers left over from production and converts it into compost which is then used as organic fertilizer for the agave fields. It also uses a state-of-the-art water filtration system that takes water left over after production and cleans it. 

The Great American Mana Mobile Road Trip route stops are located at www.teremana.com. Additional locations will be announced as the road trip journeys through the country. 

“Our Teremana is proudly crafted by hand at our distillery in a small town in Jalisco and has truly become the ‘Tequila of the People.’  So, keep an eye out for the Mana Mobile in your neck of the country and let the Teremana adventures begin!” says Johnson.