Tik Tok Took Over

Tik Tok is a video sharing social networking service owned by Byte Dance a Chinese company founded in 2012 by Zhang Yiming. Tik Tok launched on September 2016.

With the current pandemic impacting everyones daily lives, many individuals have turned to social media to keep them occupied.

Many actors, actresses, musicians, sports icons and influencers have resourced to Tik Tok as their new social networking platform.

Singing, acting, dancing, impersonating are some of the fun trends expanding. Extremely popular with young kids, teens, adults and the entertainment industry, it’s safe to say Tik Tok took over 2020.


If you are feeling up to it and like to dive in the social media pool, sign up and start laughing your worries away. Beware you can find yourself emerged in time enjoying too many videos. Enter at own risk.