Medical Marijuana Dispensaries are to Remain Open During COVID-19 Pandemic.

If you are a medical marijuana card holder do not fear because dispensaries will remain open during this national pandemic. Dispensaries have posted notices on their websites detailing their actions and response due to COVID-19 emphasizing patient and employee safety and following Centers for Disease Control and Prevention guidelines. Most dispensaries are limiting the amount of patients in the dispensary at a time but will continue to remain open.

Many dispensaries also have changed their hours, opening late, closing early or both.
Some have transitioned to just completing online orders only, while others still allow to-go orders if patients know what they want. You can contact your local dispensary and place an order through the phone to receive more updated information on prices, strains, and deals.

Viva Phoenix.COM interviewed expert Sara Gullickson, CEO of Cannaboss Advisors and here is her take on the current situation. Cannabis is considered an essential service in many markets. In Arizona specifically, the dispensaries are required to be open at least 30 hours a week, that said, cultivators crops would not survive if growers did not tend to plants & patients have to rely on dispensaries to get their medicine. During stressful times, we see sales increase, not decrease. As a whole our population isn’t well so it’s to be expected that more patients would be buying medicine.